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Club History

From New York to Loughborough – the highest international standards

In 1997 Bill Brookman returned from 6 years nomadic existence between Loughborough and New York. In Loughborough he ran the nationally and internationally touring Bill Brookman Productions street arts company. In New York he was Guest International Circus Specialist with the renowned National Circus Project of America. Working with the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, he taught and filled the piazza of the World Trade Centre with talented immigrant Chinese children just before the terrible events which destroyed the piazza in 2001.

Learning that the student-run Charnwood Juggling Club was about to close he bought the name and debts and moved it to St Peters Community Centre, its home ever since.

A diversity of activities

The club blossomed and soon the following clubs existed:-

  • Charnwood Juggling Club
  • Charnwood Maypole Dancing Group
  • The 101 Dance Club
  • The 101 Folk Band
  • Plus individual accordion, recorder and piano lessons
  • The Young Foundation – involving young people with international issues


Some consolidation occurred in 2004 when an umbrella organisation was formed for all the above: The 101 Performing Arts Group. The Young Foundation remains separate and the Charnwood Maypole Dancing Club still performs under its own name.