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Where to begin? Here goes…


"I have been at the club since the age of 14. It really inspired my interest in the arts and has broadened my knowledge of the industry. Now at the age of 21, having completed a degree in Dance, I am pursuing a “full time” career in dance/ street arts/ circus/ aerial skills.

The club has opened up some wonderful opportunities that are unique to the 101 Performing Arts Group because of its association with Bill Brookman productions and the Bill Brookman Foundation. I have performed at many events nationwide as well as travelling to Sierra Leone and Haiti to work on projects set up with the UN.

What makes the 101 Performing Arts Group so special is not just the variety of skills offered but the opportunity to perform for real with a professional theatre company as well as in showcases organised by the group.

The space we currently use, the Old Mission Hut, allows us to train in a variety of skills that would usually be deemed too messy (with the possibility of damaging furniture, floors etc) to rehearse inside. We also have the possibility to train in aerial skills which is not regularly available anywhere in the locality.

If it had not been for the 101 Performing Arts Group my experience of the Arts would have been totally different and I would not be where I am today.

Freya (aged 9):

"I have been at the club for over a year. I enjoy the club. I like riding the unicycle. I like being a fairy best. I like Helena in the club. If the club closed I would be sad – a lot."


"What the club means to me: the club is fantastic, u can do lots of fun things e.g. the gigs, showing off all of our amazing talents, performing the routines to other people."

Syan (aged 15):

"The club really means everything to me, since starting 101 pag I have had the opportunity to learn many different skills including stilt walking, fire poi, and juggling, along with lots of other things. We go on gigs with club which have both opened my eyes to the world around me and allowed me to express myself in many different ways. On these gigs we often meet different types of people making us all very aware and accepting of peoples different social, racial and economic backgrounds, thus allowing us to grow and develop into non-judgemental talented young people.

Without the mission hut our group would have nowhere to practice due to the diverse range of activities which we take part in, including aerial work, stilt walking and unicycling. 101 Pag has grown to become sort of like my second family, whom without I will feel extremely lost and saddened. The closure of our club would mean that many young peoples talents would be put to waste, which would be such a shame as we all enjoy performing our skills to the wider community and showing them just how much hard work and dedication we put into our talents. Please don't stop the funding for our club as it really does mean such a lot to us.

Steph (aged 12):

"Well the club means to me is: that you can do ordinary talents and when we go on gigs you can show off your fantastic skills."

Jackie (one of the parents):

"I am a single parent with a teenage daughter who attends 101 performing arts at the mission hut. I would just like to say that 101 performing arts has been a life saver for her. I am very happy and confident that she can walk to and from the mission hut (we don’t own a car) each week because of its location…without it our children would not be where they are today. The club has made my child and others confident, independent. It has brought out their personalities and helped them be the young people that makes us proud. Cutting back on resources for young people is a real shame, there is a great need for them. Without clubs like 101 performing arts my child and others like her would not grow emotionally enriched to enjoy life has a child should..."

Christine (club leader):

"It would be every difficult to find other premises that are suitable to do the wacky things that we do - ride unicycles, stilt walk, use the cable drum, chuck diablos around, aerial work, etc and put on big shows."

In summary, you will be able to see that the club has an enormously positive role to play in the lives of these young people. It does so much more than provide them with 'a place to go' and 'something to do' after school has finished but also provides them with a training in a wide range of circus skills, building self confidence which spills over into other aspects of their lives...

Janet Grant (club representative)