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Maypole, Clog, Garland and Gypsy Dancing

Watch as the dancers knot the ribbons into various patterns.

We can also run maypole workshops where the public can participate.

We also have an Exploding Maypole...

Bill Brookman and Friends tell of the origins of Maypoles as – originally – mechanical devices from the 12th century whereby cheese was stirred by paddles operated by ribbons attached to the Maypole crown.

Volunteers, children and a dad or two, are chosen from the audience to dance around the Maypole much to the delight of their friends!

The climax is when the Maypole explodes (safely - there is smoke but no bang!) and the smelly Medieval cheese is recovered from the Maypole mechanism much to the delight of the audience!

If you would like the performance to take place outside on a hard surface we could draw, with the assistance of the public, a beautiful chalk performance area. To do this we need an area 3 meters square, but ideally 4 meters square not including parking for the van.

We also have a mobile maypole which is ideal for parades.