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Caravane de la Paix

Caravane de la Paix performed in front of an estimated 1 million people in Haiti 2006/7.

During its operation from June 2006 to July 2007, Caravane de la Paix was founded, taught and directed by Bill Brookman at the invitation of the United Nations. This radical arts-based organisation against guns and violence in Haïti, achieved extraordinary success. Nearly every day saw the group performing in front of thousands at festivals throughout Haiti or engaging directly with criminal gangs in some of the most dangerous slums of Haïti. Caravane visited countless schools and reinforced pro-peace civil groups. It was recognised by the Ministries of Education and Culture in Haïti. We are still hopeful that this work will continue with the same teams, working as a Haitian national group, Les Amis de la Paix, as was always envisaged.
The project is due to transfer to Somalia 2009/2010.