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Parc ecologique

A nature trail and ecology park for children to visit on a daily basis.

Caravan Rustique would begin by seating children in an ecologically designed naturally-built structure Gro Cay (1). They are then led (2) on an informed but entertaining walk through Le Canapé Vert (3,4) representing the original forest covering ; le Plantation, (6) demonstrates the era of plantation slavery. Le Maquis, (7, 8) shows the present denuded scrub. Le Detruite (9) is a litter and detritus filled enclosure. Finally La Cachette (10) is a raised wooden hide from where children can observe a wild-life wilderness (12) - the hope for the future. Purposeful educational games in the playground (13) will reinforce this positive message.

We propose to include a tree nursery and hope that all groups will be able to plant at least one tree at their school or in their neighbourhood which they will then care for. The out-reach staff will provide follow-up projects in schools and community centres of tree-planting ceremonies and reinforcement activities.

We have identified a possible site for this project - land next to the Caisse Populaire de Saint Gerard, Martessant, Port-au-Prince. This building houses Fondation Avenir, and would also be the base for Lekol Sik a circus school.

Partnerships are being formed with ecology NGOs: AMURT, Botanic Gardens Conservation International (who have tried to create a botanic garden in Haiti in the past), William Cinea, who wishes to build a Botanic Garden in Haiti and the Green Belt Movement, who are hoping to start a tree-planting project in Haiti similar to that in Kenya. The Bill Brookman Foundation would provide skills in education, child-centred and artistic activities.

A sister project, the Big-Bus, in partnership with the NGO AMURT, could visit communities too far away to visit the park.

We will need internationals for this project. We are looking for a botanist to come out for 2-3 weeks, to do a survey of the St Gerard site, and make recommendations as to what plants should be used, trees which might be unsafe, or which might support a tree walk, and the layout of the site.