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Radio Station

The Young Foundation Group creates an audio programme at The Circus Space, London, 2009.

The Foundation has always had a close association with radio. We produced an audio diary for BBC Radio Leicester in 2007/8 and will be running a similar diary from Somalia in 2009/10.

In 2008 we were approached by the United Nations MINUSTAH Communications and Public Information Office (CPIO) to create twenty-four Creole radio emissions, each lasting about 30-min, broadcast each week by around 36 radio stations in Haiti, six of which to be in Port-Au-Prince. Test recordings were made but political and technical difficulties meant that the project never went ahead.

The plans still exist and we welcome opportunities to develop community radio world-wide.

Sak Pasé “What’s up?” in Creole; a proposed radio magazine format:

  1. Theme Tune
  2. Introduction
  3. National, caravane and positive news
  4. Interview or Feature
  5. Song
  6. Feuilleton ('Soap opera') Hard-hitting issues, rape, violence
  7. Discussion of Feuilleton
  8. Letters and emails and text messages
  9. Closing announcements
  10. Theme Music