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Caravane de la Paix

Caravane de la Paix, 2006-7, was a radical approach to building peace and security in Haïti.  Brightly painted vehicles brought positive messages of arms and violence reduction using young Haïtian artists, musicians and dancers.  We worked closely with community groups keen on change.  The entire country was covered and we worked in the most difficult urban areas in Haïti.

Three vehicles of committed young Haïtian artists dedicated to spreading a message of arms reduction throughout Haïti were our mobile stages!

We concentrated on some most difficult trouble spots in Port-au-Prince.

The Haitian cultural attachment to arms has always been a challenge but  advances in communications and technologies mean that high-powered weapons are now easier to come by illegally, and thus can be used in criminally, politically and socially antagonistic situations often as instruments of first choice.  The aim of Caravane de la Paix was to address this situation.  By education, persuasion, entertainment, involvement and collection, the caravane aimed to change the mindset to one for which illegal weapons use was no longer a option or a possibility.

The Bill Brookman Foundation provided the artistic experience and consultancy for this venture. As the Foundation has a constitution only to provide voluntary services, administrative and professional support was provided by Bill Brookman Productions Ltd a professional street arts and theatre company with charitable objectives, based in the UK.