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Somali Sunrise Concert Tour For Peace

In 2013 we were partners with Humanitarian Bazaar in a concert tour to New York, Washington DC, London, Nairobi & Mogadishu; Then on to Kabul. It was funded by the US State Department and the United Nations Development Programme. It featured musicians from the USA, UK, Sudan, Afghanistan, Kenya and Somalia.

United Nations Militias
and Armed Groups "Youth for Change" project

Since 2011 we have been working closely with UNDP Somalia implementing the "Youth for Change" project. Up to 1,300 boys and young men, identified by local police, are registered to receive catch-up education, manual work projects, skills training and opportunities to work. Bill Brookman has designed drama-based teaching packages around human rights, social skills, peacemaking and access to justice. We are also founded circus groups in high security locations ready for the young people's Graduation Events of 2012.

You can view the training manual and other gang-related publications here: www.billbrookman.co.uk/foundation/documents/armed_criminal_gangs/

Havoyoco Boys & Girls Circus in Somaliland!

We are developing circus and performance with both boys and girls at Havoyoco Circus, Somaliland. We are presently recruiting volunteers to assist promote the Havoyoco Girls Performance Group. Click the box on the right for a Participant Pack.

See photos of the girls at:

See photos of the boys at:

In 2011 we taught music, juggling, fire, stage management and messages about malaria, HIV/AIDS, FGM and conflict resolution through physical theatre. We plan to return to work exclusively with girls in 2011.

Click here for more information.

Geediga Nabada! - The Somali Peace Caravan

Bill Brookman has created two teams of Somali artists, musicians, and poets to form Geediga Nabada - The Somali Peace Caravan. The teams are in Somaliland and Puntland. (The Puntland team activities have been suspended due to fundamentalist opposition to singing, especially by women. We are currently promoting poetry instead, but regret this interference in the group's work.). Geediga Nabada organises and leads cultural events, forms pro-peace groups, educates, supports and advances the peace agenda in Somalia.

You can see the Geediga Nabada website at www.billbrookman.co.uk/geediga

Financial Literacy Puppet Project

We have recently completed a 10 minute documentary of how we plan to convert an already existing audio Financial Literacy project into an audio-visual project for a major international funder.

The Observatory of Violence

We are partners with the Observatory of Violence and Conflict Prevention (OVCP) Hargeisa University, Somaliland. This is a research and training centre addressing issues of conflict and violence world-wide.


Hargeisa University is keen to create links with universities internationally. Please contact the Foundation for more information.

The Somali Community Safety Framework

We are part of this Framework of local and international NGOs, UN agencies and academic institutions seeking to advance community security in the Somali regions. See www.somalipeacebuilding.org/

Standing Committee on Khat

The Foundation has formed a Standing Committee on Khat to address the growing problems of this drug.