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Community Safety

Geediga Nabada! is promoting the idea of "Community Safety"

What is that?

It is not about arguing endlessly about the political structure of the Somali territories.

It is about what you can do in your community to improve your community.

It is about what you as a member of the Somali diaspora can do to influence the communities you come from.

How can we do this?

Instead of worrying about the proliferation of arms throughout the Horn of Africa...

- Engage with your street, your village and your young men to talk about whether guns really are the right way.

Instead of hoping for some solution from outside about crime...

- Talk in your community about where and when it occurs. It there anything you can do? If it has local causes, can we think of local solutions?

It is unacceptable to shift blame for rape and violence against women away from the individuals who commit these crimes.

- We must, within the rule of law, address this within our own communities and declare that such behaviour is unacceptable and must stop.

Do you have an opinion or a positive idea?

- Put it on our forum!

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